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Is humanity suicidal by E.O. Wilson - MCQ

E.O. Wilson sayings, Is humanity suicidal?

Is humanity suicidal - MCQ
1. Which species gained intelligent control of the earth?
a. Primates b. Homo sapiens c.Chimpanzees d. None of these
2. What are the main factors that led to the destructive impacts on earth?
a. Population explosion b. Varying atmospheric and climatic conditions c. Being aggressively territorial and selfish d. Both a and c
3. Which is the order of preference of an ordinary individual?
a. Individual, Family, Tribe, Rest of the distant world b. The rest of the world, Tribe, Family, Indivudal c. Individual, Tribe, Family, Rest of the distant world d. None of these
4. What makes humans to underestimate both the likelihood and impact of natural disasters?
a. Myopic fog b. Exemptionalism c. Juggernaut theory d. None of these
5 What is true about environmentalism?
a. Humanity is a biological species tightly dependent on the natural world b.Humans have solutions for all the problems c. It is an opposing idea to exemptionalism d. Both a and c
6. What answer does Edward O Wilson give to the title?
a. Humanity is not suicidal b. Humanity is suicidal c. Humanity may be suicidal d. None of these
7. What is the main reason for the destruction of the ecosystem?
a. Earthquake b. Conservation of biodiversity c. Careless human activities d. All of these
8. What does  Wilson think about humanity?
a. They are smart b. They have enough time to avoid all environmental catastrophes c. They can conserve the biodiversity to a great extent d. All of these
9. Which works of Wilson have won Pulitzer prizes?
a. The Future of Life and The Diversity of Life b. The Ants and On Human Nature c. On Human Nature and Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge d.,The Ants and Diversity of Life
10. Which of the following is referred to by Wilson?
a. Enceladus b. Titan c. Ganymede d. Europa
11. Where did homosapiens rise from?
a. Africa b. South America c. Asia d. Europe
12. Which of the following scientists was mentioned by Wilson?
a. Isaac Newton b. Einstein c. Lamarck d. Charles Darwin
13. What does "Paleolithic " mean?
a. Related to dinosaurs b. Related to stone age c. Related to space d. None of these
14. Which of the following is the century of the Environment'?
a. 21 century b. 20 century c. 19 century d. 18 century
15. What does 'androcentric' mean?
a. Female dominated concepts,values and institutions b. Related to humanity c. Male dominated concepts, values and institutions d. Eco system abuse
16. The author asks the readers to imagine that an alien civilization is concealed on an icy moon of Jupiter and they have closely watched the earth for millions of years. What have they recorded till now?
a. They have tracked the surface by means of satellites equipped with sophisticated sensors. b. They have recorded millennial cycles in the climate, interruption by the glaciers and scattershot volcanic eruptions. c. High rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide, ozone layer thinning, Nitrous oxide and other plumes. d. All of these.

1. b 2. d 3. a 4. b 5. d 6. a 7. c 8. d
9. b 10. c 11. a 12. d 13. b 14. b 15. c 16. d
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