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Problems with hurricanes - Analysis

Problems with hurricanes Victor Hernandez Cruz

The title of the poem, ‘Problems with Hurricanes’ poses a seriousness which is absent in the poem. The Campesino is the narrator of the poem, the tone of which is humorous. Humor is evoked by depicting small fruits as the cause of death and havoc. The poet speaks of  the havoc caused by hurricanes not by wind but by small fruits like mangoes, avocados, green plantains and bananas. The speaker compares death by drowning and death by fruit and says that the former is more honorable than the latter. The Campesino tells us not to be afraid of the wind or noise of the water but to beware of mangoes and all such beautiful, delicious, innocent things in outward appearance as “appearances are deceptive”.

A paradox is set between sweet, delicious fruit and sudden death which is comical. “Bananas flying into town like projectile” is a simile. It creates an image of a killer fruit. It is an imagery characterizing the plants.

“If the wind picked you up
And slammed you
Against a mountain boulder
This would not carry shame ” is personification.

It is sad to see death by a fruit. People usually blame hurricanes or such calamities as a reason for death in order to bring honor for the dead ones.

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1 comment :

  1. at the time of the authors youth hurricanes only had female names
    i suppose that the poem is about an emotional response by a wife or mother it may even be a poem about abuse