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Children in the woods - Summary

barry lopez children in the woods

Barry Hunston Lopez was a famous English writer. He wrote many essays, short stories, reviews etc. He wrote 'Children in the Woods.’ He loved children and in this story, he talks about teaching kids to learn about nature through experience. In 'Children in the Woods' Barry Lopez conveys his thoughts on how to help children discover and understand their world. Barry Lopez talks about making handprints in the mud, hugging Douglas firs and identifying a raccoon’s skull and a possible cause of death.

Lopez tells that many of our ideas about the workings of the world emerge from observations and discoveries we make as children. Barry says how a woman's words had affected him as a child and that the effect may have lasted a life time. He created his own ways to teach kids.

The children in the woods may be an amazing story and inspirational to adults. It doesn’t have the same effect on the people forced to read it. The story lacks the basic elements needed to entertain a teenager, suspense and action. This story gives an interest and impact of reality. The words used by the writer are very simple. 

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