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Is humanity suicidal? - Short Q&A

EO Wilson, Is humanity suicidal?
From the series "War Is The Suicide Of Humanity". *By Lidia Matviyenko*

Is humanity suicidal? - Short Q&A
1. What would the alien civilization concealed on the moon of Jupiter have recorded about earth?
Ans. The alien civilization would have recorded the shrinking of the forest by half, acute rise in carbon dioxide level, thinning and puncture of ozone layer at the poles and the spread of toxic plumes from the fires in South America and Africa.
2. Which species gained control over earth and ecosystem and how did earth change in the process?
Ans. Homosapiens eventually gained intelligent control over the earth. The atmosphere and climate of the earth as well as the composition of the world’s flora and fauna changed for the worse.
3. Edward O Wilson pointed out that 'Darwin’s dice have rolled badly for Earth’. Examine this statement.
Ans. The Homosapiens doubled in number and dominated the earth causing serious damage to the ecosystem. This is why Wilson says that Darwin's dice {evolution}rolled badly for earth.
4. Briefly define, ‘Juggernaut theory of human nature’?
Ans. “Juggernaut theory of Human Nature” says that people are genetically predisposed to be so self-centered that we will not develop an awareness of our global predicament until it is too late. While this aspect of human nature provided our prehistoric ancestors with a competitive advantage, Wilson believes that this type of thinking is a genetic artifact that prevents humans from accepting a long range view of the biosphere.
5. Explain humanity's historical role in creating our current condition of ecosystem?
Ans. According to Edward O Wilson, the current condition of the ecosystem is due to the humanity. Humanity’s uncontrolled activities are badly affecting the ecosystem as well as the earth . The ozone layer of the stratosphere thins, toxic gases like nitrous oxide and other toxins rise from fires in South America and Africa. All these pollutants are mainly due to humanity. Humanity is gobbling up a large part of the living world. We pollute the air and water, lower water tables and extinguish species. Activities like construction of buildings and roadways and the creation of wastelands badly affect the ecosystem.
6. How humanity can pass through into the future?
Ans. Humanity is tightly dependent on the natural world. Many of the Earth’s vital resources are about to be exhausted. Earth is our home in the full, genetic sense, where humanity and its ancestors existed for all the millions of years of their evolution. Natural ecosystems like forests and marine blue waters always maintain the world exactly as we would wish it to be maintained. But it is our duty to protect our mother nature. So it is necessary to save the nature for the survival of humanity.
7. How badly does the population growth affect the ecosystem?
Ans. Many of Earth’s vital resources are about to be exhausted, its atmospheric chemistry is deteriorating and human populations have already grown dangerously large. As a result natural ecosystems, the well springs of a healthful environment are being irreversibly degraded.
8. What is Wilson’s answer to the question “Is humanity suicidal?” Briefly explain it.
Ans. Wilson pointed out that humanity is not suicidal. He says that human beings are smart enough and have time,enough to avoid all environmental catastrophes of civilisation threatening dimensions. But the technical problems are sufficiently formidable to require a redirection of much of science and technology, and Wilson also says that,humans have entered the ' Century of the environment'. Conservation of biodiversity is increasingly seen by both national governments and landowners as an inevitable issue regarding their country's future. So according to Wilson's view humanity is not suicidal.
9. What can careless activity on Earth lead to?
Ans. When we debase the global environment and extinguish the variety of life, we are dismantling a support system that is too complex to understand, let alone replace, in the foreseeable future.
10. What does human reduce during relentless search for more food?
Ans. Humans have reduced animal life in lakes, river and open ocean.

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