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Children in the Woods – Short Q&A

children in the woods short questions

Children in the Woods – Short Q&A
1. What was a special occasion for the author in his childhood?
Ans. While in San Fernando Valley in California, a trip to Los Angeles was a special
occasion for him.
2. What did the author see while walking down a side walk with his mother?
Ans. He stopped suddenly, caught by a pattern of sunlight trapped in a spiralling
imperfection on a window pane. A stranger, an elderly woman in a cloth coat and
a dark hat was saying how remarkable it was that children were noticing these
3. What happens to the author’s encyclopaedic knowledge?
Ans. He began to speak less. He started talking only for answering a question or
calling attention quickly to the slight difference between a sprig of red cedar
and a sprig of incense cedar.
4. What did the author do when he found a fragment of a racoons jaw in an alder
Ans. He sat down alongside the two children and encouraged them to find out what
that was. The only thing that was remaining was a piece of the animal’s
5. How did the children’s actions excite the author?
Ans. When the children were in the woods, their interest in observing the beauty of
nature excited the author.
6. Which is the quickest door to open in the woods for a child?
Ans. The quickest door to open in the woods for a child is the one that leads to the
smallest rooms; the one that answer even the minor questions.

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