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The hills by Manoj Das - Short Q&A

The hills by manoj das

The hills - Short Q&A
1. What is the main theme of the story “The Hills”?
Ans. The story "The Hills" depicts the selfishness of man and his cruelty towards nature and affirms the need to conserve it.
2. To whom was Jaidev narrating the first of his two experiences?
Ans. Jaidev was narrating the first of his two experiences to the millionaire Sajan Roy and his two partners.
3. What was the attitude of the two partners while Jaidev was narrating his experience?
Ans. The two partners craned their necks from the front seat of the car to pay Jaidev the attention he deserved.
4. Why was Acharya so upset and disturbed on the change of weather?
Ans. Acharya was upset on behalf of  his friend Sagar Chowdhury who was a raving hunter and wanted to go for hunting in the forest near Salanda hills. But the unexpected rain spoiled his plans.
5. Why does Jaidev decide to keep his second experience untold?
Ans. Sajan Roy and his partners did not take Jaidev's experience seriously. Sajan Roy laughed at the experience rather coarsely saying that it sounded like a fairy tale but for Jaidev it was one of the most memorable experiences in his life. Sajan Roy's response humilated Jaidev who decided not to tell his second experience.
6. Whom does Jaidev refer to as sinners?
Ans. Jaidev refers to the millionaire Sajan Roy and all others who destroy nature for their selfish interests as sinners.

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