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Problems with Hurricane – Short Q&A

victor hernandez cruz

Problems with Hurricane – Short Q&A
1. Who is the author of the poem "Problems with Hurricanes"?
Ans. Victor Hernandez Cruz
2. What motivated Cruz to write the poem?
Ans. The poet’s homeland was prone to hurricanes and its consequences motivated him to write the poem.
3. Who are the main characters in the poem?
Ans. The main character of the poem is a farmer.
4. What is the central theme of the poem?
Ans. Harmless things like mango and plantain become fatal killers in a hurricane prone place. They are not just sweet delicious fruits. One should not go by appearances as appearances are deceptive according to the poet. The poem depicts the strange side of otherwise harmless things in a humorous way.
5. What does the poet warn the people?
Ans. He warns people that appearances are deceptive and plants that appear to be tender and innocent in nature could be devious. 
6. According to the Campesino, what are the things we should not worry about?
Ans. We should not worry about noise, water and wind according to the Campesino.
7. What does the Campesino say about the mangoes?
Ans. The Campesino warns people to be wary about mangoes that could come flying and smash their heads during a hurricane.

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