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The town by the sea by Amitav Ghosh – Short Q&A

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The town by the sea – Short Questions
1. How did the director’s son escape from Tsunami?
Ans. The boy was carried away as if on a wind but  he managed to get hold of the rafter of a church, the only upright structure within a radius of several hundred metres of the township. The rafter hence helped him escape from Tsunami.
2. How did the director understand that his son was alive?
Ans. The director knew of a government office in Car Nicobar that had a satellite phone. After innumerable trials he heard a voice at the other end who told him that Malacca had been badly hit. The director kept calling and in the afternoon he learned that his 13 year old son had escaped.
3. What happened to the Director`s wife and daughter?
Ans. The Director's  wife and daughter were killed in the Tsunami. Only his son escaped in the mishap.
4. What do you understand about the Director?
Ans. He was the Director of the Malacca research centre in Nicobar. He was a man with great moral strength and had faced many tragedies in his life. He rarely expressed his emotions for the family because he believed that men shouldn’t reveal their emotions. 
5. What was the condition of the city, Malacca after the incident?
Ans. The city was almost destroyed by Tsunami. All traces of habitation, had been obliterated, the foundation of many buildings could be clearly seen although the structures they had once supported were all gone. The villages along the shore were erased while nature remained largely unharmed. 
4. Why did the Director's son weep?
Ans. The Director's son was guilty that he couldn't save his mother and sister and was afraid that the Director would scold him for that. That is why he wept.

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