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Silent Spring Short Q&A

rachel carson

Slient Spring Short Q&A
1. Describe the beauty of the town mentioned in the "Silent spring"
Ans. The town is situated in the heart of America and there was a harmony of all living things.,The town was surrounded by prosperous countrysides brimming with plant animal and bird life. In spring white clouds drifted above the green fields and in autumn, oak and birch set up a blaze of colors.
2. Estimate natures seasonal changes.
Ans. During spring white clouds drifted above the green fields. In autumn oak, maple and birch trees set up a blaze of color against the back drop of fields.
3. Why does Rachel Lasson choose spring and autumn season to describe the beauty of town?
Ans. Nature is most beautiful in Spring and Autumn.,Animal and plant life also thrive in these seasons.,So in order to explain the beauty of the town and surroundings, the best way is to mention nature in these seasons.
4. Does other towns also suffer like this town?
Ans.The writer says that the town,has many counter parts. Many town and countrysides have been deprived of life and health by the indiscriminate use of pesticides.
5. What are the things that delighted the traveler’s eye?
Ans. Laurel, Viburnum, and Alder, great ferns and whild flowers along the roads charmed people. Deers and birds were another attraction.
6. What are the things seen in the winter season?
Ans. The sight of countless birds feeding on berries and on the seed heads of the dried weeds rising above the snow.
7. What exactly is the white granular powder Carson mentions?
Ans. The white granular powder Carson mentions is the pesticide dust precipitated due to prolonged and indiscriminate use of pesticides.
8. What happened to the town later?
Ans. Illness spread and killed animals, plants and people.,Everything was dying and sickly.,The spring was silent as there were no birds and bees.,There were no fruits too.
9. Were the people able to understand why life in their town perished?
Ans. They could never connect their misery to the white granular powder seen in places and used by them.

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