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The hills - MCQ

“The Hills” by Manoj Das - MCQ

The hills - MCQ
1. Which is the hill mentioned as the background for the memorable experience in Jaidev’s life?
a. Salanda b. Wilson hills c. Ambanad Hills d. Khandala
2. Who is the major character in the story?
a. Jaidev b. Sajan Roy c. Sagar Chowdhury d. Raja
3. Who is Jaidev?
a. Contractor b. Clerk c. Lawyer d. Construction worker
4. To whom was Jaidev narrating the experience?
a. Sajan Roy b. Sajan Roy and Acharya c. Sajan Roy and his two partners d. Acharya
5. How was the hills of Salanda in Jaidev’s first visit?
a. Three in a row b. Hidden under thick forest c. Hidden d. Three in a row and lay hidden under a thick forest
6. How was the hills of Salanda on Jaidev's second visit?
a. Hidden under thick forest b. Denuded green cover by half c. No more green cover d. Green cover reduced a little
7. Who built the bungalow?
a. Manoj Das b. Raja c. Sagar Chowdhury d. Jaidev
8. What was in between the bungalow and hills?
a. Tree b. Pit c. Pond d. Lake
9. What attracted Jaidev in the darkness while sitting in the verandah?
a. Hills b. Darkness c. Hills in the lightning d. Lightning
10. Acharya said,” Never again shall I let the chap accompany me!” Why did he say so?
a. His chap destroyed the bungalow b. Because his chap Sagar was missing and it was not once c. His chap stole Acharya’s belongings d. His chap killed Jaidev
11. Who was Acharya referring to as chap?
a. Raja b. Sagar Chowdhary c. Jaidev d. Manoj Das

1. A 2. A 3. C 4. C 5. D 6. B 7. B 8. D 9. C 10. B 11. B
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