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Going, Going - MCQ

going going by philip larkin mcq

Going, going - MCQ
1. What is the poem “Going, Going” about?
a. The need for conservation of nature b. The loss of nature and its effect on human beings and the universe c.Destruction of nature by human beings d. The beauty of nature
2. When does the auctioneer use the standard phrase, “going, going, gone”?
a. When the nature is affected by human activities
b. When the destruction of human beings is complete

c. When all bids have been made and the sale is completed
d. When the threat of destruction is gone
3.What, according to the author, would be there beyond the town?
a. Trees b. False alarms c. Split level shopping d. Fields and farms
4. What are the kids of the young crowd in M1 café screaming for?
a. More houses b. More parking allowed c. More caravan sites and more pay d. All of these
5. “And when you try to get near the sea in summer…” What do the ellipsis indicate in the given sentence?
a. Words have been left out b. A series continues beyond the items mentioned c. The passage of time or action d. None of these
6. What does the word “dales” in the poem mean?
a. Warning b. Valleys c. Estuaries d. Mountains
7. What, according to the author, would be remaining for us?
a. Meadows and lanes b. Guildhalls and books c. Shadows d. Concrete and tyres
8. Why does the author repeat the phrase “it will happen soon”?
a. To increase the beauty of the poem b. To emphasize that if the destructive human activities continue then the nature would be destroyed completely. c. To emphasize on the beauty of nature d.To emphasize destruction on fields and farms

1. B 2. C 3. D 4. D 5. C 6. B 7. D 8. B
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