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Letters From Mothers Of Nenjamparmabu To The Supreme Court - Analysis

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As the title of the lesson "Letters from mothers of Nenjamparmbu to the supreme court" suggests, it is a letter written to the Supreme Court of India by Prof. M.A. Rahman, on behalf of the mothers of Endosulfan affected families. The ill-fated, wretched, hapless and chronically ill children are dying day by day, trapped between life and death. There are many infants who die soon after their birth, to which the government pays no heed. They are not even included in the government list of people dead due to Endosulfan. The families victimized by Endosulfan only get Rs.2000 per month as their pension. The women in those areas now have no fear of abortions but they do fear conception. It is because no mother wants to deliver a limbless torso in place of a baby.

Although Endosulfan spraying was banned in 2000, the effects of the chemical continue even after 10 years. It is because, after the ban, the excess chemicals were either buried underground or deep under the streams that flow through the villages. The residue of the chemical is the reason why the effects continue to be seen. If the health department had taken proper care of the situation, conducted research and taken proper preventive measures, the number of deaths would have decreased to a certain extent. Directed by the Supreme Court, the Community Health Department of Calicut Medical College conducted an epidemiology study for ICMR in which they found high levels of Endosulfan in blood samples from Nenjamparambu. The studies reveal that Endosulfan is the root cause of all severe health problems.
This letter is the voice of the people and hence it is written in the language of the people which one can easily understand. The experiences of people who have mixed, sprayed and handled Endosulfan and made victims of it are described in the letter. The scientific details and the description of the pitiful conditions of the victims help us understand how much important and inevitable this case is. Also the letter discusses about the contributions made by journalists, scientists, doctors and documentary makers to bring the issue to the public.

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