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Going, Going - Short Q&A

going going by philip larkin

Going going - Short Q&A
1.Is the problem that Larkin discusses a local one?
Ans. No. Larkin is discussing a global problem. The loss of nature and the consequent problems about which the poem talks about is a universal issue, human beings everywhere suffer from the ill effects caused by the destruction of the environment.
2. Are basic concerns about urbanization the same the world over?
Ans. No. The process of urbanization has its impact on every corners of the world although it affects different sections of the society in different ways. 
3. Is nature necessary to human's well being?
Ans. Yes. Humans are dependent on nature without which they cannot exist. Modernisation and developmental projects must be sustainable and shouldn't endanger nature or natural resources. 
4. Larkin wrote this poem in 1972. How is it relevant today?
Ans. Though the poem was written in 1972, the theme is relevant even today. Reckless development projects have disturbed  the equilibrium of nature leading to pollution of various kinds and depletion of natural resources. It has also lead to displacement of various communities and large scale migrations. 
5. Which lines in the poem suggest that “things are tougher than we are”?
Ans. In the lines “when the old part retreats as the bleak high risers come we can always escape in the car”, the poet shows us how tragic our situation is going to be when all traces of fields and farms are gone and we will be left with only skyscrapers.
6. How does Larkin describe human greed in the poem?
Ans. The poem reveals that human greed has no limits and it will forever continue to destroy nature. Through the last lines of the poem Larkin says that we find excuses to call each of our greed as ‘needs', "Invent excuses that make them all needs/ I just think it will happen, soon."

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