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Problems with Hurricane- Multiple choice Q&A

Problems with hurricane

Problems with hurricane- Multiple choice Q&A
1. Who is a campesino?
a) postman b) farmer c) gardener d) watchman
2. According to the campesino, death by _______ was honorable.
a) drowning b) plantain c) mango d) accident
3. What is the tone of the poem?
a) emotional b) humorous c) serious d) satirical
4. What are the elements we should not worry about according to the campesino?
a) water, fire, wind b) water, snow, noise c) noise, water, wind d) noise, fire, wind
5. Who is the author of the poem "Problems with Hurricane"?
a) Victor Cruz b) Amitav Ghosh c) Patient Roger d) Philip Lank
6. Who is the speaker of the poem?
a) Victor Cruz b) Campesino c) Gardener d) postman
7. What is the ultimate disgrace according to the campesino?
a) a mango smashing one’s skull b mango smashing the house c) death by water d) death by fire
8. What does the campesino conclude finally?
a) beware of mangoes
and all such beautiful sweet things
b) beware of wind, water and noise c) beware of rains d) beware of drought
9. According to the campesino, what does the mango signify in the poem?
a) a costly fruit b)a killer fruit c) a healthy fruit d) a fleshy fruit
10. What is the poetic device used in the line: “Green plantains and bananas flying into town like projectiles"
a) metaphor b) simile c) personification d) hyperbola

1.b 2.a 3.b 4.c 5.a 6.b 7.a 8.a 9.b 10.b
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