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This was the beginning!

The students of 2015-18 batch of BA English Language and Literature in their entry year 2015-16 wished to do something innovative.  The discussion in informal meetings tended to address the challenges in their studies as fresher's and the ways of tackling them.  The prime one, as it turned out from the chat, was the English Common Course text of environmental orientation (Green Voices).  A suggestion to launch a support system for their batchmates in other disciplines using the online facilities for better reach was mooted.  Things took a quick turn as net-savvy Ganesh Shanker K.K and the rest of the students of the batch in different groups agreed to take a plunge for a common cause.  The department facilities and faculty support were offered and a schedule was prepared to work out the project.  Working groups were formed for question framing, typing, editing and blog work and within a year the project englishmadeasy blog was finished.  Thanks to the faculty and students who figure below, we together have done it.  The greatest credit goes to Ganesh Shanker K.K whose technical know-how made it all possible.  The framers of questions, editors and those who typed the text have done meritorious service. The students who helped with the question framing are Akhila C, M.V Sreelakshmi, Navya V, Anjukrishna M.V, Mashly Raju, Shumaima K.M, Nikhila Babu C, Arya P,  Amal P Kumar, Naveena T.V, Nandakishore T.S, Meghna R.K, Amaldev K, Shari Rajeev, Anjitha P,  Drishya Damodaran, Ganesh Shanker K.K, George Jacob, Pradeep K, Gopan Raj P, Arjun K A, Akshaya M P, Aishwarya Karunakaran, Vishnupriya V K, Alida Mohan, Anupriya B R, Nafeesath C, Harsha P, Arya Ravi, Sahamath Edakandathil, Anees Rahman A P, Nandana Govind, Aswathi P and Ashwin Ashok. The typing works associated with blog were completed by Navya V, Akhila C, M.V Sreelakshmi, Amaldev K, Ganesh Shanker K.K, Amal P Kumar and Nandakishore T.S. The faculty of English department including Dr. K.C. Muraleedharan, Sri A.J. Hareendran, Smt Rathnaprabha, Dr. Premachandran Keezhoth, Dr. V.M. Santhosh, Dr. A.C. Sreehari, Smt Vineetha Vijayan N, Aardra A.S, Dr. Shyma P, Raji C. Nair, Reshma A and Rithwik Shankar helped with the editing works. The technical works associated with the blog were managed by Ganesh Shanker K.K, Dr K.C. Muraleedharan,  Amaldev K, Dr Shyma P, Nandakishore T.S and Amal P Kumar.

To the viewers: Kindly let us know anything that has gone wrong so that we can make changes and improve the blog.  Your suggestions on all aspects are welcome. 

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